For the last week or so I have completely stopped bringing a notepad to class. I only use the iPad for notes (Google Docs and occasionally Microsoft Word). One thing to point out, however, is that most of my classes this semester are technology-based courses, so most of the work is done virtually. I had the opportunity to attend the SBU Graduate Music Symposium over the weekend and I had my iPad there, but still took notes by hand vs. making sound pounding out on the on-screen keyboard.

Below is an updated list of what apps I have installed. To view the original list, please visit my post “Flying Life via iPad Air.”

I must say, that my favorite thing about the iPad so far is the multi-finger swipe function. I can quickly go in between apps or open up the task manager without double pressing the main button. I still want a “back” button, but I am making do for now!


Technically Yours,


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