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Weekly Create – Week 3

Pocket Theatre is in the middle of rehearsals for Next to Normal! This semester, we wish to document the process, with photos, videos, and text notes. All of the data/media should be pushed up to drive, but unfortunately, our rehearsal space in the union basement does not have quality wifi. My iPad can’t even find our network; it just refreshes and searches. Every network has some dead spots, but it just so happens that our other two rehearsal spaces in Staller are also dead zones. The cabaret, Staller 0003, like the union, doesn’t have a signal strong enough for the iPad to detect it. The connection in theater three, Staller 1020, is better, but not reliable. All of the projects currently have ten or more files stored in Google drive for ease of access and collaboration. How can we consider using iPads in the academic environment if the wireless network coverage is spotty in high usage areas? Such circumstances prevent students from trying to implement the widely used technology.

Pocket Theatre - Next to Normal Rehearsal

Pocket Theatre – Next to Normal Rehearsal

I wish that I could have posted this from the rehearsal space...

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  1. This is good to know. I am sharing this with my friends in my networking group. Over the last three years we have invested millions in the network — both wired and wireless, but I am not sure we really understand all the spaces and how they are used. Perhaps a part of this class would be to document traditional and non traditional learning spaces on campus where wireless is limited or no available? Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. From my director of networking services … “We have a ticket open to provide wireless in four different areas of Staller, Theater 1, 2 and 3 and a learning space in the basement. We are waiting on CPDC conduit work for theaters 1 and 2. Trying to get the other two spaces done next week. It’s tricky because they are used often, but will keep you posted. Don’t know about Student Union space. If you can find out where it is I’ll try to get it lit up.”

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