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Weekly iPad Reflection

This week I discovered that the iPad gives me opportunities to procrastinate. I usually have several projects happening that require hourly communications during the stressful phases of the projects. When I am working on the iPad, it is difficult to be productive and neutralize twenty to forty notifications spread across several communication/social media apps. I get distracted.

The onscreen keyboard makes it a chore to type up papers, and using the content management system for this blog, in safari or chrome, can become somewhat nightmarish, once images/videos are introduced. The interface becomes unresponsive; it’s tough to predict how much time will be used to reattempt an operation like inserting a photo, when the technology doesn’t want to cooperate.

I need this device to be a utility and not a distraction. This is not the fault of the device; I’ll try making some modifications to the way I receive notifications. Hopefully I will be more productive next week.

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  1. I struggle too with posting to the blog … is everyone having this problem? I had people from DoIT do a technical call with our service provider for SBYou to discuss how we could enable the native WordPress iOS app and we are looking at that … using that app changes everything! Another quick thought … I almost always have my iPad in “Do Not Disturb” mode … that helps me be more focused on that device.

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