The iPad has continued to prove useful with my daily activities. I find in general its just faster and easier to use then my laptop because I don’t have to be hunched over a desk all the time. I compose my powerpoint presentations on it now and was very happy with its ease of use. I also have been making more use of Evernote for note taking and storing webpages that I would like to refer to later on.  I started using the google app as well and was very happy with its perfect translation of what I was saying. I continue to explore art apps that I think would be handy for that aspect of my work. I have been trying out Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ and have found it to be a wonderful and intuitive environment that is very easy to work with and has great results and for me would be a good way to explore 3D work however it occasionally quits so saving work is a must! The main problem I have been having with the iPad this week is its judgment on what should be autocorrected. A number of its assumptions have been pretty disruptive in the fact that when I am typing a long paper or email things get changed with out me noticing until after the fact or it stops me and I have to go back and change it. I like that it gives me suggestions I just wish it didn’t change things with out me accepting the changes.