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In sociology, we talk about four main different types of identity. 1) Felt. This is someone’s inner-most thoughts about his or herself — a sort of personal decision of which path you will take. 2) Claimed. This is what someone outwardly expresses as who they are — just as may be represented in one’s art. 3) Attributed. This is how others would identify someone — just as we often do over the net. 4) Perception of Others’ Attributions. Whether or not we are correct, we all think about how others view us — once again, this easily happens on the net each time we post, comment, create, or interact in any another way.

Image compiled using Text2Pic app (free). I took the background image at the Knockdown Center in Queens, NY. It is a picture of a sound art installation by Swiss sound artist Zimoun. I overlayed a “digital-looking” filter to represent the internet, and the words evoke inner-choice and outward decision of which way to walk through the installation.

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  1. The road less travelled…
    Thanks for bringing the sociological perspective – our identity is clearly a complex, fluid and changing collection of viewpoints – what do our decisions indicate about us?

    • Exactly! Identity is definitely something that we cannot pin down into any concise way. We make tons of different kinds of decisions and are certainly influenced by our own morals, friend groups, media, and everything else. For me, I have found that self reflection is the perfect tool to begin looking at topics of identity–and our perceptions of these reflections often change our definitions of ourselves.

      It’s exciting stuff! Thanks for reading/commenting!

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    May 2, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Thank you so much for the informative post.

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