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Date: March 5, 2015

Library of the Present

Right Shark – Video post

We chose YouTube as our disruptive medium.  Since YouTube was created 10 years ago, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. (source).

YouTube disrupts traditional television stations and contributes to “cord-cutting” by providing an alternative source of content, one where anyone can produce as well as consume. It can even deliver a replacement for the “10 foot experience” using YouTube Leanback, which allows videos to be viewed on a TV and controlled using a smartphone.

Week 6: On to Identity

Today we embark on our second theme, identity. The readings I had you do might seem strange in the context of identity, but I think they start to lay a deeper groundwork toward moving from looking at things from a pure perspective on community to how identity shapes what we see and feel. They really truly make perfect sense in the context of the team video project and based on the amazing conversations we had last week. Speaking of last week, you guys were terrific! Thank you for generating an exceptional learning experience for everyone.

Today we would have done quite a bit in class, but given the snow has conspired against us we will have to improvise. So what I am going to do is convert what we would have done in class to additional individual work that you will do here on the blog.

Had we been in class we would have started with a brief reflection on the synthesis presentations and answer any follow up questions. Given we aren’t together I am happy to answer anything either here in the open or more privately in a Yammer group. I would like everyone to take a minute and log in and give it a try. Do yourself a favor and get the Yammer iOS app … it makes it so much better on the go.

Speaking of Yammer, I posted some general thoughts on your work so far in our Yammer group. Please view it and leave a comment on it in Yammer so I know you looked at it.

We would have also watched your videos — Team Right Shark and Team Too Disruptive. Since we can’t discuss them in class, please respond individually to the other team’s video — specifically in the context of McLuhan!

To make the jump into our next theme, I want you to watch a video that explores an incredible story that will quite literally build a bridge for us from community toward identity. Share your reactions as comments to that video on that post.

After that, I want you to self record and publish a short video (no more than two minutes) using your iPads and iMovie for iOS is free for owners of iPad Airs). Please post it to YouTube and embed it in the course blog. In the blog post where you embed the video, please write your weekly iPad reflection to focus on the process of creating the video. The video itself should address the following questions:

  • How do you personally define the word identity?
  • Who are you?
  • What you do?
  • What shapes and makes up who you are?
  • Are you the sum parts of your online and offline identities?
  • When you post the video write our weekly iPad reflection to focus on the process of creating the video.

Out of Class

Preparing for next week — remember I will not be here (sadly), but a team from Apple will be here to teach you some more specific iPad skills. I will post a Week 7 overview, with assignments, readings, etc. Take care and be safe. You will need several free apps from Apple. Please make sure you get them. Go to the App Store on your iPad,scroll to the bottom and tap “Apps Made by Apple” … there you will be able to get that group of apps. Thanks!


Hangout on Air

Week 6 Video: Building Bridges

Please watch this video and share your reactions as comments to the post. We would have watched this in class today. Try to focus your responses around what you know about community from our previous work and what you think you know about identity from our emerging work. Everyone should watch, comment, and engage in conversation.

Free iPads, With a Catch: They’ll Squeal if You Cut Class

I would love to hear what each of you has to say about this idea! I have my thoughts, but I will save them for the comments as you all comment. I’d be interested in trying this out.

Lynn University, a small institution in Boca Raton, Fla., started giving away iPads to all its new students about a year and a half ago. Now there is a catch: If those students cut class, their iPads might tattle on them.

via Free iPads, With a Catch: They’ll Squeal if You Cut Class – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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