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Date: March 10, 2015

Identifying Frustration


When I started working on this project I found that creating a movie with the mobile iMovie app was fairly simple. Of course there are things that I do not know how to do, but for the most part everything was straightforward. I have one issue however: I made my video (purposefully very simple), but each time I saved it the audio was messed up. For the first portion of my video I had two audio tracks playing at two different tempi. This only happened after saving…not before. After spending a couple hours on this, the best solution was to delete that entire portion of the video and start from scratch. Luckily, I was able to get it edited back down to the two-minute time limit with not much trouble!

Will I continue using the iMovie app for the iPad? Probably not, but as a student in the media arts, I have had the opportunity and access to learn professional grade software–at this point, I just choose to make videos that require a bit more precision than an app can give me. That being said, I found iMovie for iOS to quite fluid (as much as Apple can be with directory routing information) and think it is a great opportunity to get into video making or make quick and [attempted] easy videos like this.

Thoughts On Identity – Chris

My name is Chris and these are my thoughts.

I made this video using only the iPad and iMovie. It took my a little longer then I’d like to admit to figure out how to split video clips but once I figured it out it was easy. I have used iMovie on my Macbook Pro, so the software is not foreign to me but as seen above creating what I consider great content is a challenge. In hindsight I should have used the case as a stand and recorded from a desk. It was a fun experience regardless.

Weekly iPad Reflection & Identity Video Project

I used the in app camera to record the short 2 minute video. I found it simple that the iPad allows you to upload recorded videos directly to YouTube. For some reason I was unable to sign into my stonybrook.edu Google accounts so I had to upload my video to my personal Gmail account. Since the video was such a small file format it uploaded to YouTube in less than a minute. The entire process of filming, uploading to YouTube and embedding to the blog took less than 10 minutes. Before the iPad i would’ve used my digital camera to record, transfer the video to my laptop and then have to upload to YouTube and embed to the blog. The iPad made the whole process a lot simpler and I’d probably be more likely to do it.

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