I am on the road this week so I cannot be with you … I promise I lined up something good for you in my absence. Apple will be here to talk more about the iPad and take you through some really interesting activities. I can’t believe we don’t get to hang out for three weeks! Speaking of Break, since next week is Spring Break I am going to make the tasks to do a bit lighter than what we’ve become accustomed to. I’m hopeful that you will enjoy today’s time with Apple and have a safe a restful Spring Break! 

While on your iPad, please click this link to download the iTunes U materials for class today. 

Before you leave class today, I’d like you to write a team definition of Identity, just like we did for community a few weeks ago. Be ready to defend it and discuss it when we get back together after Spring Break. Please choose one person to post it to the blog.

Out of Class — All Due 3/24/2015 by 5 PM

  • Weekly iPad Reflection — what did you learn from the Apple visit and what did you create? Did what you learn alter your appreciation for the iPad?
  • Weekly Create — Time to Tweet! Everyone needs to Tweet something interesting about this class using the hashtag #CDT450. I’d then like you to post about what Twitter can mean to shaping your identity and embed your tweet in the post.
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