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Date: March 15, 2015

Jay Loomis – Voices of Wenger on Identity

I was inspired by the RadioLab Podcast “Voices in your head.” I used Ableton Live software to create music accompanied by several Apple voices (and my own), reciting the closing section of Wenger’s chapter 6 on identity, from Communities of Practice.

iPad Reflection – Chris Williams


Earlier on in the semester I mentioned how the iPad native keyboard needed some kind of swipe function. After doing some research I found SwiftKey. SwiftKey is a nice keyboard. It functions how it’s supposed to. It connects with your facebook to learn the words you use and learns from there. There have been times where I needed to delete words and reswipe them. Some things this app could improve on is the insisting autocorreit.

Overall. 8/10

If you want a swipe I keyboard on your iOS device SwiftKey could be the app for you.

Weekly Create – Chris Williams

Sunny 3D
I decided to try it a 3D modeling software on my iPad called Sunny 3D. The interface is very minimalistic so it seems very easy. Actually creating shapes is a different matter. I think my model came out pretty good considering I’m a novice.

Weekly Create – Shady

Twitter will affect one’s identity as it will be a different means of communication … with … the world! People will read and observe your style, not knowing how you look, how you talk, they will base their opinion, and as a consequence, create a perceived identity for you, your online identity.


Many times I have sent emails to colleagues where, because of the dryness that a written message can carry, specially when poorly written, because one could be in a rush, or not up to the task at the moment, the message did not convey the full meaning, or it was interpreted differently.

iPad reflection – Shady

This week, Apple came to visit.  They showed us some advance features of the iPad as well as a couple of productivity apps.  I was most amazed by the capabilities of GarageBand and KeyNote.  We also reviewed iMovie, which I have used in the past and love it.

GarageBand was amazing, you could produce a real music piece on an iPad, with all sorts of instruments, tempo, partitures, etc.

KeyNote is a very powerful presentation tool.  As far as features go, certainly beyond Google Presentations, and easier to use than PowerPoint.  Very impressive.

I enjoyed seeing how far they’ve come with their collaborative suite, similar to Google Docs.  Editing documents and creating drawings, with multiple people at a time, on an iPad, worked great.

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