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Weekly Create – Katherine

impressed with all that the iPad can do Now that I know I can make entire presentations just using an app I may never need a laptop #cdt450

— Katherine Hopkins (@kathopcdt450) March 24, 2015

Twitter can have a huge effect on shaping our identities. I believe that everyone has many selves and one of them is how we act on social media. People are usually either much more open on social media or much more reserved. For me, I used to be a lot more open and probably a little too open on Twitter to be completely honest. I would tweet almost every single thought I had, regardless of how appropriate it was. I think people are usually more open on Twitter than they should be. For me, Twitter was a way to say things that I usually was too shy or reserved to say out loud. I ended up getting into some trouble for my tweets, which is why I was apprehensive to even make a twitter again for class. Your identity is determined on Twitter by who you interact with, what you say, and how you say it in such a small amount of available characters. Your identity is also defined by whether or not you are an anonymous account, the topics that you tweets about, your follower/following ratio, and if you only interact with friends/people you know IRL, or you reach out to tweeters that you have never met.

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  1. I’m pretty new to Twitter… we don’t have a history 🙂 Thanks for sharing a bit about your experiences! It’s good to have the perspective of a “veteran.”

  2. Two things … first I am really interested in your take on keynote as a laptop killer. Second, like Jay I appreciate your openness about your twitter experiences. I do think Twitter and other social tools are truly an extension of what people think of us and shape others’ perceptions of our identities.

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