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Do Tablets in the Classroom Really Help Children Learn?

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Abilene Christian University conducted research around the same time that found math students who used the iOS app “Statistics 1” saw improvement in their final grades. They were also more motivated to finish lessons on mobile devices than through traditional textbooks and workbooks.

via Do Tablets in the Classroom Really Help Children Learn?.

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  1. Since I started using the iPad several years ago, it has proven to be a useful tool and motivator that has inspired me to explore and expand my knowledge in a variety of specific areas: sound design, music production, music composition, drawing & drawing tools, 3D printing software and methods, blogging, podcasts, the art of story telling, on-line streaming services, etc…
    For me, as an autodidact, there is no question that the iPad has been EXTREMELY useful. I’m not surprised that institutions across the nation (and world) are using iPads in classrooms. I also understand that there can be a bit of a learning curve involved, regarding HOW to use this “Swiss Army Knife” of a digital tool, with all the available apps – which ones work? which ones distract? which are a waste of time? which are a fraud and a rip-off?
    I can see how many educators might feel that iPads are a new burden that they have to deal with in terms of teaching their students how to use the new technology to help them in their studies – at the same time my experience is that the rewards far outweigh the difficulties of figuring out how to use this technology in a classroom.

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