I built a quick demonstration using the new Adobe Slate app on my iPad this morning. Just a recap of why I go to SXSW, but in a very nicely presented way that would have taken much longer otherwise. The free price tag isn’t too bad. I sense a directed Weekly Create coming on with this app!

Adobe is looking to do something similar for reports, newsletters and other web content with Slate. The new iPad app offers preset layouts with a library of fonts, colors and animations that allow students, teachers and business folks the tools needed to easily develop a polished presentation. As you might expect, you’re able to pull in images to complete the project, overlaying titles and captions as needed. The pre-built themes are designed to look good on the desktop and mobile devices, with buttons that’ll let eager readers do things like donate or register. Published work ends up as a sharable web link, text message, email or embedded on a blog or website.

via Adobe's new iPad app helps with presentations, newsletters and more.