I think an iPad app that is missing from what students in higher education need is something like a clicker but an application for smartphones and tablets. The app would be able to be installed on a student’s cell phone or tablet and allow them to answer clicker questions in lecture halls, instead of having to purchase a separate clicker.

The app should also have a section for note taking, voice and video recording to record lectures. I think it would also be interesting if the application included a geolocation based chat where only people within that classroom or lecture room could share and exchange notes and lecture slides. It would allow for an open dialogue between students without having to actually disrupt the flow of the classroom. The application could work in the way that airdrop on Apple products does. Students near each other would be able to share their screens and/or airdrop files to one another, all while being able to answer clicker questions and interact with the professor in class.

The app would allow for students to schedule and meet with study groups with different people in their classes. Essentially, the app would be one main outlet for students to take and record notes, share them with others, and arrange study time outside of class.


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