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Date: April 9, 2015

Weekly iPad reflection — Apps

Since installing and implementing slack, I’ve been looking for an integratabtle task management extension for slack. I want to be able to nest tasks under larger tasks and have progress reporting and a visual representation of statistics related to the progress/users. This would serve anyone who wants the ability to digitize delegation.

Weekly iPad Reflection Chris W.


One app that would interesting to see in higher education is an app that shows students how much of their tuition is being wasted if they skip a class or something similar to that. This app’s purpose is to show students the dangers and costs of procrastination. If the students want it could give tips on better ways to allocate their time. The content would be clever and humorous. I’d like to call it CrnchTime.


(Late post because I need CrnchTime too)

Design Challenge Team Assignment

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.25.04 PM

Week 11: Kicking off Design

We have arrived at the final third of the class. Over the next few weeks I will be asking you to do quite a bit of thinking from a design perspective. Today we will focus all of our time on arriving at our team Design Challenge. The Design Challenge will form the basis for our app creation. To this end, you will be actively engaged in this process for the majority of class. Slides for today are here.

We will start with you individually sharing your app ideas from last week’s work in front of the class and answer any questions. From there I will put you in your teams and turn you loose on Framing the Design Challenge. You will identify things you know and don’t know about the challenge and the audience and document them. You will create the types of questions you need to explore to learn more and outline your research methods. The outcome of this work will then be translated into a team post that I will provide guidance on.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.20.20 PM

Out of Class

Sam Richards Online Tonight

Hi all … I wanted to point you to the TV series that I worked on for over a year while at PSU with Dr. Sam Richards, an interactive TV show based on his incredibly popular and challenging Race Relations sociology course. You guys got to meet Sam “in class” when he did his virtual drop in … this is the exact show I was talking about. After close to three years the vision is coming true with an online screening tonight. I urge you to watch and think along with the program. I’d love to hear follow up comments from those who tune in. Watch through the lenses of community, identity, and design. Here is a preview …

Ken – Student App Idea

My app idea is an online marketplace, basically like Fiverr or oDesk but specific to Stony Brook. People could do small freelance jobs for each other in exchange for credits, which they can cash out or spend on hiring people to do jobs for them. Some examples might be designing a resume site for someone or making a logo for their app. I imagine many departments could use this a lot, for instance if the music department needs a programmer or the computer science department needs an artist. Basically it would create a market for trade within the campus.

I feel that limiting it to the campus would increase the quality of work over other online freelance marketplaces, and offer a greater degree of accountability since you might know somebody who knows the person hiring you. It could be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yammer to use already existing social connections, allowing you to vouch for someone or find a friend of a friend with the skills you need. It would also provide an opportunity for networking or friendship among students by working on each other’s projects, and experience delegating parts of their own projects.

Kate’s week 10 Create post

I created this slate document to provide my response to how I define design. I included some simple ideas I had about qualities usually investigated in the design process along with examples of how my illustrations utilize design.
Thoughts on Design Elements

iPad reflection – Shady – Week 10

This is going to be tricky, because I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar already exists.

I would like an app that would show me a map of all campus activities going on per day. I.e. when I would open the app, I would see a map with push pins, i.e. one at the stadium representing a soccer game at 6pm today, and that at Staller there will be a play at 8pm.

I would also like it to have different color pins, i.e. green representing events today, blue representing events tomorrow, yellow representing events in the upcoming week.

The app would also provide alerts when you are near an event. I.e. Soccer game 100ft ahead in 1 hour.

Weekly Create – Shady

My personal definition: Design is the engineering of a product or service that best addresses a need.

If I had to define design with one world, I would have to say “Apple”.
Apple certainly understands the importance of design in their products. Their visually appealing devices are not necessarily superior to others, but their design appeal has catapult them into one of the most innovative companies nowadays, with earning in the billions.

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