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Blogs Aren’t Better Than Journal Assignments. They’re Just Different

I’m curious what you think … does writing here in public make you write differently than when you write privately?

With all the hype about blogging, Mr. Foster decided to give it a try in an introduction-to-sociology course he was teaching. He was surprised to find that the quality of the students’ writing was better than what he’d seen in private journals he’d graded as a teaching assistant in another intro course.

via Blogs Aren’t Better Than Journal Assignments. They’re Just Different.

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  1. If I’m writing for myself (and only a couple people who will ready my journal entry) I tend to be less careful about syntax, sentence structure, and “flow” in general. If I’m writing for the general public, which means dozens of people (or more) may read my words I definitely try to make it worth their while with several proof reads and extra thought put in to communicate my ideas or experiences in the most compelling manner possible.

  2. Chris Williams

    April 21, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Personally I like the blog format better. I feel it’s easier to express your thought when shouting into the void that is the Internet. The main difference I see is blogs are meant to share thoughts with others, while personal journals are meant for you and only you, so you would go too much into depth with explaining.

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