Thanks for taking the time to participate in the class blog. I value the different perspectives and new knowledge that can come from an open, civil dialogue. By enabling comments and group posting, I hope to encourage constructive conversations regarding the specific topics on this site. If you have something to add, please feel free to use this forum and let your voice be heard by your fellow classmates and visitors.

Please know that, given the reality of spam and the potential of “a few bad apples,” we are reviewing all first time comments before posting. Subsequent comments will usually go through directly.

To make sure that your comment is given the thumbs up and not deleted, simply use common sense, play fair and be civil. A few quick reminders:

  • No off-topic comments.
  • No personal attacks – hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments directed toward a specific individual are never okay.
  • No comments intended to induce an angry response or disrupt the flow of discussion.
  • Remember to think of this space as an extension of our classroom — only say things here you would in the “real” world.
  • I reserve the right to change these guidelines as the course evolves. I also welcome you to add any thoughts to these guidelines in the comments below.
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