At the culmination of the first two thematic cycles (community & identity) I will ask each team to prepare an artifact that will be shared with the class via the course blog.

The Final Synthesis will be different than the first two in that I want you to work together to draw our three themes together. You can do that in any creative way you see fit, but you must connect the dots from across the entire semester and use the lenses of Community, Identity, and Design to bring your synthesis to life. Work to integrate everything from the course experience as appropriate. I will expect you to share your app prototype, discuss the disruptive potential of the iPad, and describe how our themes and our semester long conversations about disruption impacted your final design statement. Most importantly I want your teams to bring forward a bold statement about how your collective minds may or may not have been expanded by our little grand experiment this semester.

As a team you will create a synthesis presentation that will guide us through your team’s thoughts and reflections on the theme — first community and then identity. Your blog post should highlight how the presentation will be given. You may use any and all forms of technology and media to share and and enhance your thoughts. It is really up to you and I actually expect some creativity to engage the class and get beyond death by powerpoint. This should include a reconsideration of your current definitions of the core concepts: community, identity and design.

Please know you can assign short readings, video clips, and other items that the other team (and me) will need to complete prior to class.

Your team should expect to occupy between 30-60 minutes of class, including all discussion time.

The first two synthesis presentations are 50 points each for a total of 100 points. The final synthesis is 100 points.

Please use the categories, “Synthesis” “Team Name” “Spring 2015” and “Assignment” when posting.

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