The majority of this class is predicated on success in teams. To that effect each team will construct and post a code of team conduct to the course blog early in the semester. This contract is worth 25 points.

Teams hold the keys to success in the workplace. They are the primary vehicles for delivering value to customers, solving problems, creating and implementing plans, developing new and innovative products, and making strategic decisions. Teams come in many forms and are known by many different names. Committees, task forces, leadership groups, executive boards, steering committees, to name a few, are all teams performing a specialized role in an organization. In all likelihood, you have either heard of or participated on a work team, project team, athletic team, quality review team, departmental team, employee involvement team, debate team, or some other team-like group operating with shared goals, objectives, and values.

Groups become teams through disciplined action. They develop a common purpose, define a common working approach, develop or acquire the appropriate skills, and hold themselves mutually accountable for results. Most teams have some discretion in distributing tasks and scheduling work, teach and train one another to develop better skills, evaluate one another’s performance, provide each other feedback,and are responsible for the quality of team outputs. The ultimate success of a team depends on these and many other factors to be discussed in this class. You face the challenge of organizing and developing a high-performing team for the purpose of learning and applying the concepts of information sciences and technology. To this end, you need to complete a Team Contract. This document should be a simple, two page document that outlines the following two sections of information:

Part I. Team Contract

  • Your team’s name – This can be anything you’d like. Since this is going to be how I and other students will refer to you in the course, try to select a team name that represents who and what you are.
  • Your team’s list of participants – Clearly state who is on your team.
  • Your team’s communication plan – How do you think you will communicate with each other? Will you be doing real time meetings, communicating by email, phone, inside Yammer? Documenting this up front will go a long way in establishing a clear plan for staying on target with your group work.
  • Your team’s code of conduct – How will you treat one another? This seems silly, but you should begin thinking about how your team will handle difficult situations. Think about the following issues: Will we be able to vote people out of our team? How will we handle team members who are consistently late to meetings? How will we handle missed due dates for portions of assignments?
  • Submission Requirements

    Your team will submit this in the your team’s shared google drive folder.


    Team ContractAssignment: 25 Pts

    • Identified team name, team list of participants, team communication plan, and team code of conduct.
    • Submitted the Team Contract in the appropriate folder in your google drive.
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