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Final Synthesis – Team Right Shark

iPad reflection – Final

I cannot express how glad I am I took this class. The last 13 weeks have tough me a great deal of technology, being able to interact with students have helped me understand their needs better, being back to school have renewed my understanding of how complicated student lives can be, but most importantly, having used an iPad as my only technical device for the class has shown me the potential of such little device.

After these 13 weeks, I find that iPads are a Jack of all trades and Masters of “most”. An iPad does a tremendous amount of things, GarageBand, iMovie, KeyNote, POP, and the endless array of productive applications are just some of the examples of the power of this tablet. It does a lot, and I mean a lot of things really really well.

When I compare it to my work device of choice, a Chromebook, there is only one reason why I would pick the Chromebook. The Chromebook only does one thing, but it does it exceptionally well. It provides a full feature web browser, and for work, in a Google environment, it is great news. However, putting work aside, and in a student environment, an iPad would, without a doubt, be my device of choice.

iPad – Shady – Week 12

In the theme of design, this week I had to be a companion at the hospital.  While I was there, I saw nurses scooting around computers on wheels.  The entire setup must cost thousands; big frames, bumpers, wiring, batteries, monitor cradle, etc.  The nurse goes from room to room asking patients a series of questions before surgery, and she clicks the appropriate boxes.


Being in the field of IT, this interests me, and now, having been exposed to an iPad, I couldn’t help but thinking, how much easier would it be for this nurse to carry an iPad mini on her pocket.  The same software could be setup as an iOS app.  A fraction of the cost, and a simpler tool to carry.



Weekly Create – Shady – Week 11

SBU’s DDoS attack of  early April 2015:



iPad reflection – Shady – Week 10

This is going to be tricky, because I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar already exists.

I would like an app that would show me a map of all campus activities going on per day. I.e. when I would open the app, I would see a map with push pins, i.e. one at the stadium representing a soccer game at 6pm today, and that at Staller there will be a play at 8pm.

I would also like it to have different color pins, i.e. green representing events today, blue representing events tomorrow, yellow representing events in the upcoming week.

The app would also provide alerts when you are near an event. I.e. Soccer game 100ft ahead in 1 hour.

Weekly Create – Shady

My personal definition: Design is the engineering of a product or service that best addresses a need.

If I had to define design with one world, I would have to say “Apple”.
Apple certainly understands the importance of design in their products. Their visually appealing devices are not necessarily superior to others, but their design appeal has catapult them into one of the most innovative companies nowadays, with earning in the billions.

Reaction to Week 6 readings – Team Right Shark

Early on Wenger mentioned “We define who we are by the ways we experience ourselves through participation as well as by the ways we and others reify ourselves.” Far too often people say nobody affects who they are as a person. To which we would argue is not true. The way we define our identity has a lot to do with the world around us and how we react and respond to other people asserting their identity.
In the Wenger reading I got caught up in the way trajectory was defined. The world is more networked than it has ever been before, so it makes sense how we, as people identify become networked as well. Wenger suggests trajectory in not a fixed path nor is it a fixed destination but continuous motion. The former definition of trajectory falls more in line with past definitions of identity, static and rigid. Thinking about how you can have “multiple” identities thanks to the power of anonymity on the Internet a more fluid definition of identity works. A definition where you are not only identify with your physical characteristics, but also your interest, your thoughts, and the content you create.

An interesting part of Youth, Identity, and Digital Culture was the dichotomy between Giddens’s and Foucault’s views. The true nature of identity probably lies somewhere in between these two opposing philosophies. The individual is shaped by societal norms and constricted by society’s expectations, which can be both good and bad. Society deems what is acceptable behavior, which can act as a chilling effect on undesirable behavior but also any behavior at all that deviates from the norm. The Internet just accelerates this process by providing a more effective feedback loop.

Definition of Identity – Team Right Shark

The set of characteristics that physically and mentally distinguish one person from another.


Weekly Create – Shady

Twitter will affect one’s identity as it will be a different means of communication … with … the world! People will read and observe your style, not knowing how you look, how you talk, they will base their opinion, and as a consequence, create a perceived identity for you, your online identity.


Many times I have sent emails to colleagues where, because of the dryness that a written message can carry, specially when poorly written, because one could be in a rush, or not up to the task at the moment, the message did not convey the full meaning, or it was interpreted differently.

iPad reflection – Shady

This week, Apple came to visit.  They showed us some advance features of the iPad as well as a couple of productivity apps.  I was most amazed by the capabilities of GarageBand and KeyNote.  We also reviewed iMovie, which I have used in the past and love it.

GarageBand was amazing, you could produce a real music piece on an iPad, with all sorts of instruments, tempo, partitures, etc.

KeyNote is a very powerful presentation tool.  As far as features go, certainly beyond Google Presentations, and easier to use than PowerPoint.  Very impressive.

I enjoyed seeing how far they’ve come with their collaborative suite, similar to Google Docs.  Editing documents and creating drawings, with multiple people at a time, on an iPad, worked great.

iPad Reflexion – Shady

Using the iPad to create a movie using the iMovie app was such a great experience.  I had used it before on a Mac, but never on an iPad.  It was easy to use, and loved the experience.

It was great having Apple in the class this week, their contribution and tips certainly made this a much easier experience.

I continue to be amazed at the possibilities of creating really good quality videos just using this device.  It does the sound, video capture, editing, and publishing.  To some extent, and when looking at these features and apps, one could argue, an iPad is really cheap for what it can offer.

Shady’s Identity – iMovie

Right Shark – Video post

We chose YouTube as our disruptive medium.  Since YouTube was created 10 years ago, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. (source).

YouTube disrupts traditional television stations and contributes to “cord-cutting” by providing an alternative source of content, one where anyone can produce as well as consume. It can even deliver a replacement for the “10 foot experience” using YouTube Leanback, which allows videos to be viewed on a TV and controlled using a smartphone.

The medium is the Massage – Team post – Right Shark

The Medium is the Massage – Core idea 1: Technology acting as an extension of the body/ senses with the electrical system being an extension of the nervous system allowing what was once the public to now act as the mass.

The Medium is the Massage – Core idea 2: “Now, with TV and folk singing, thought and action are closer and social involvement is greater. We again live in a village. Get it?”

Electrical information devices for universal, tyrannical womb-to tomb surveillance are causing a very serious dilemma between our claim to privacy and the community’s need to know”

-Quotes from reading

The Web is a Customer Service Medium – Core idea 1: WWIC- individuals have a desire and need to express opinions, thoughts and feeling on everything and the web provides a unique medium where this is possible.

The Web is a Customer Service Medium – Core idea 2: there are three levels to a website with the”like” option at the foundation. Apps attempt to bridge the gap between the businesses finding a way to profit while still appealing to the WWIC mass.

Discuss them in the context of both community and identity

The web allows for a return to the tribal notion of community where instant discussion is possible. What used to be our private  Identity is now public and our identity Is less fluid because once something has been expressed on the web it is not easy to retract and it is possible for someone to go back and view every mistake you have made despite the fact that as a person you grow and change over time.

Do you feel differently about your team video now that you have read McLuhan’s ?

I think it’s interesting  that we are making a video about YouTube on YouTube.  We are massaging the medium.

Weekly Create – Shady


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