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Small Pieces

One of the great paragraphs from Chapter 2 of Small Pieces Loosely Joined

But on the Web we experience something we can never experience in the real world: places without space. Instead of needing a containing space to enable movement, the Web has hyperlinks. Links are at the heart of the Web and the Web’s spatiality. The fact that the linked pages come from many people turns the Web into a place larger than we are. It is a public place, a place we can enter, wander, and get lost, but cannot own.” Since place and space have been inseparable in all of our experience in the real world until now, when we experience the Web’s place-ness, we assume that it must also have the usual attributes of spatiality, including the accidental nature of geography. That makes it easy to lose sight of the fact that what holds the Web together isn’t a carpet of rock but the world’s collective passion.

Blogs Aren’t Better Than Journal Assignments. They’re Just Different

I’m curious what you think … does writing here in public make you write differently than when you write privately?

With all the hype about blogging, Mr. Foster decided to give it a try in an introduction-to-sociology course he was teaching. He was surprised to find that the quality of the students’ writing was better than what he’d seen in private journals he’d graded as a teaching assistant in another intro course.

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Do Tablets in the Classroom Really Help Children Learn?

Take a look … any reactions?

Abilene Christian University conducted research around the same time that found math students who used the iOS app “Statistics 1” saw improvement in their final grades. They were also more motivated to finish lessons on mobile devices than through traditional textbooks and workbooks.

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Library of the Present

An interesting concept video from Microsoft of the future or collaboration and productivity. They’ve also put together a companion site. It is worth a look.


I know you are all busy dropping your weekly posts on the blog, but I thought I would pass along a resource I recently discovered that focuses on being productive on a tablet … TabletProductive.

New ESPN App

I do watch a lot of sports, but I do not typically rely on any specific app for my sports news per se. I like the Yahoo Sports app for the iPhone/iPad because of its speed, but ESPN is more my style editorially. I don’t really use their apps all that much becuase I have histroically found them underwhelming. Apparentally that is about to change. This is really a great read about the changes coming and the design decisions ESPN made along the way.

iPad Air 2 Review: Why the iPad Became My Main Computer – MacStories

I began experimenting with the iPad as a device to work from anywhere and, slowly but steadily, I came up with ways to speed up my workflow and get things done on iOS. I promised myself I’d never let a desk set my work schedule or performance anymore.

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