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A Little Birdy Told Me All About You

Over the couple years that I’ve used Twitter, I have mainly purposed it as a place that could contain quick little witty or funny messages that I would like to share with my friends. I also used it briefly (but successfully) as a marketing tool for when I worked for an online news company. I learned the power of the #hashtag; with it, I could direct my message to particular people around the world that might be searching for what I’m talking about. After leaving the news company, I continued to try to be smart about how I tagged things. Often, the humor is in the hashtag. I began to form part of my online identity toward the idea of having “followers.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I believe that it definitely has changed the way I go about my own personal marketing.



Also, after doing my first video, I wanted to try my hand at iMovie for iOS again. Here’s some footage from a recent trip to NYC to see Swiss Sound Artist Zimoun’s installations.

Shady’s Identity – iMovie

Identifying Frustration


When I started working on this project I found that creating a movie with the mobile iMovie app was fairly simple. Of course there are things that I do not know how to do, but for the most part everything was straightforward. I have one issue however: I made my video (purposefully very simple), but each time I saved it the audio was messed up. For the first portion of my video I had two audio tracks playing at two different tempi. This only happened after saving…not before. After spending a couple hours on this, the best solution was to delete that entire portion of the video and start from scratch. Luckily, I was able to get it edited back down to the two-minute time limit with not much trouble!

Will I continue using the iMovie app for the iPad? Probably not, but as a student in the media arts, I have had the opportunity and access to learn professional grade software–at this point, I just choose to make videos that require a bit more precision than an app can give me. That being said, I found iMovie for iOS to quite fluid (as much as Apple can be with directory routing information) and think it is a great opportunity to get into video making or make quick and [attempted] easy videos like this.

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