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iPad Reflection – Chris Williams


Earlier on in the semester I mentioned how the iPad native keyboard needed some kind of swipe function. After doing some research I found SwiftKey. SwiftKey is a nice keyboard. It functions how it’s supposed to. It connects with your facebook to learn the words you use and learns from there. There have been times where I needed to delete words and reswipe them. Some things this app could improve on is the insisting autocorreit.

Overall. 8/10

If you want a swipe I keyboard on your iOS device SwiftKey could be the app for you.

Post via Email

This is a really only a test of a post via an email from my iPad. We can easily use mobile Safari, but I would like to make posting as simple as possible, so this is an option. I will provide instructions on how to enable this once we get together face to face. Our implementation of WordPress uses Shibboleth as the authentication method which is not supported on the App Store based iOS WordPress apps. If you know of one that works, leave it in the comments.

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