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The medium is the Massage – Team post – Right Shark

The Medium is the Massage – Core idea 1: Technology acting as an extension of the body/ senses with the electrical system being an extension of the nervous system allowing what was once the public to now act as the mass.

The Medium is the Massage – Core idea 2: “Now, with TV and folk singing, thought and action are closer and social involvement is greater. We again live in a village. Get it?”

Electrical information devices for universal, tyrannical womb-to tomb surveillance are causing a very serious dilemma between our claim to privacy and the community’s need to know”

-Quotes from reading

The Web is a Customer Service Medium – Core idea 1: WWIC- individuals have a desire and need to express opinions, thoughts and feeling on everything and the web provides a unique medium where this is possible.

The Web is a Customer Service Medium – Core idea 2: there are three levels to a website with the”like” option at the foundation. Apps attempt to bridge the gap between the businesses finding a way to profit while still appealing to the WWIC mass.

Discuss them in the context of both community and identity

The web allows for a return to the tribal notion of community where instant discussion is possible. What used to be our private  Identity is now public and our identity Is less fluid because once something has been expressed on the web it is not easy to retract and it is possible for someone to go back and view every mistake you have made despite the fact that as a person you grow and change over time.

Do you feel differently about your team video now that you have read McLuhan’s ?

I think it’s interesting  that we are making a video about YouTube on YouTube.  We are massaging the medium.

Weekly Create – Shady


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