Hello Everyone!

Now that I am about a month into using the iPad, I feel that I need to come forward and admit a few things. I love the iPad in general. The UI is great and quick, and I can’t get over the multi-touch swipe function. However, I feel that I am beginning to plateau in the iPad’s functionality. Granted, this plateau is probably representative of the tiredness that I am feeling in the rest of my work. So maybe I should also call it a lacking of patience.

In the first couple weeks, I was still getting used to the iPad; now, I feel fairly comfortable in my abilities. I am beginning to notice a speed curve. I feel that I can type fairly fast considering I am using an on-screen keyboard; however, some things just refuse to work with iOS properly. This website, for instance, is nearly impossible to deal with. I usually give up and go to a computer for my blog posts. I have to swap back and forth between the “text” and “visual” options just to get these simple paragraphs entered. I know that Stony Brook is working on getting support from the WordPress and/or Edublogs app though.

I also was surprised a few days ago to realize that I had to download a separate app in order to play .wav files…that’s a fairly generic file format that I hope that I am just completely iOS incompetent and that Apple did not not support! More than just being a music major, I appreciate high quality audio, and iTunes isn’t really gonna get it for me.

For now, I am also experimenting around with different productivity apps, and in particular, apps for note-taking and writing. I have to read a lot for my field, and I love getting to highlight and whatnot in a book. So as a positive note, let’s see what the iPad can do since I keep finding things it cant!


Technically Yours,