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iPad reflection – Shady – Week 10

This is going to be tricky, because I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar already exists.

I would like an app that would show me a map of all campus activities going on per day. I.e. when I would open the app, I would see a map with push pins, i.e. one at the stadium representing a soccer game at 6pm today, and that at Staller there will be a play at 8pm.

I would also like it to have different color pins, i.e. green representing events today, blue representing events tomorrow, yellow representing events in the upcoming week.

The app would also provide alerts when you are near an event. I.e. Soccer game 100ft ahead in 1 hour.

iPad reflection – Shady

This week, Apple came to visit.  They showed us some advance features of the iPad as well as a couple of productivity apps.  I was most amazed by the capabilities of GarageBand and KeyNote.  We also reviewed iMovie, which I have used in the past and love it.

GarageBand was amazing, you could produce a real music piece on an iPad, with all sorts of instruments, tempo, partitures, etc.

KeyNote is a very powerful presentation tool.  As far as features go, certainly beyond Google Presentations, and easier to use than PowerPoint.  Very impressive.

I enjoyed seeing how far they’ve come with their collaborative suite, similar to Google Docs.  Editing documents and creating drawings, with multiple people at a time, on an iPad, worked great.

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