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Right Shark Team Contract

Team Name: Right Shark

Team’s list of participants:
Chris Williams: christopher.williams@stonybrook.edu
Kate Schwarting: katherine.schwarting@stonybrook.edu
Ken Fehling: Kenneth.Fehling@stonybrook.edu
Shady Azzam-Gomez: shady.azzam-gomez@stonybrook.edu

Team’s communication plan:
Collaborate in Google Docs – first option
E-mail – second options
Google Hangouts – third option
In person meetings – fourth option

Team’s code of conduct
Will we be able to vote people out of our team?
How will we handle team members who are consistently late to meetings?
How will we handle missed due dates for portions of assignments?

Here are some standards I ripped from the interwebs:
Team membership as coworkers – all team members are equal; every team member’s opinion will be thoughtfully considered; each team member will keep all commitments by the agreed upon due date; each team member agrees to constantly assess whether team members are honoring their commitment to the team norms.
Team member communication: Team members will speak respectfully to each other; will not talk down to each other; will positively recognize and thank each other for team contributions.
Team member interaction in meetings: team members will listen without interrupting; hold no side or competing conversations; follow the rules for effective meetings; attend the meetings on time; always work from an agenda; minutes will be recorded at each meeting; end meetings on time.

Team organization and function: Leadership will rotate monthly; the team management sponsor will attend the meetings, at least, monthly.

Team communication with other employees including managers: Team members will make certain they have agreement on what and when to communicate; complaints about team members will be addressed first in the team.

Team problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making: Team members will make decisions by consensus, but majority will rule if timely consensus is not reached; conflicts will be resolved directly with the persons in conflict.

Team Contract for: Too Disruptive

Team Name: Too Disruptive

Katherine Hopkins
Chris Stratis
Richard Smith
Jay Loomis

Communication Plan:
– FB group page: “Too Disruptive”

– E-mails:

– Phone #’s: (On our private shared Gdoc)

– In-Person Meetings:
Meet for 15-20 minutes after class on Thursdays to plan the week’s responsibilities. Divide up tasks for the assignments, so we can start working and communicate progress and questions at the Sunday online meeting.
The person responsible for posting that week’s assignments will also be decided at this meeting. We will rotate between the 4 of us.

– E-communications:
Sundays from 2-4 via Google Docs.
Work on Google Docs before this time as well and final collaboration will happen at this time.
Spontaneous interaction on Too Disruptive Facebook group page.
Group e-mails when necessary.

– Conduct
If we feel that work ethic needs to be addressed, let’s speak openly about it and know that it is constructive and not malicious.
If for some reason a group member is unable to make it on time to a meeting, they should alert the group at least a few hours before to let them know. If you’re unable to meet in person on Thursdays, google docs can be used as an alternative.
Don’t miss the due date. If for some reason you know you won’t be able to finish in time, let everyone else know so we can help.
We will touch base about any unfinished work on Monday.
Respect each other and maintain open lines of communication. If something happens that can cause difficulties for the rest of the team, first ask questions. For example:
Is everything ok?
How can we work this through?
How do we reach our goals / objectives?
Do you need help/support? (e.g. if someone has too much going on that week)

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