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Ken’s Tweetly Create

I’m very picky with how I use Twitter to shape my online identity since it’s public for all to see. I use it to retweet things from my apps’ Twitter accounts and some other posts I really like, and occasionally some thoughts I have. Lately I’ve realized that your replies to people don’t show up in your main feed of tweets so I’ve been using it a bit more for communication instead of solely a platform for publishing.

The majority of my tweets are tech-related but sometimes I stray a bit. My favorite tweet of mine is an idea pertaining to the popular open source app framework PhoneGap and its lack of quality plugins.

For this assignment I tweeted a link to a list of iPad music apps on Pinterest. I had already shared something similar a couple of weeks ago on Yammer but I thought this relevant for a couple of reasons.

For one thing I think some aspects of Pinterest are useful, especially the way you can share multiple aspects of your identity cleanly by creating different boards for different topics. I try to replicate this on Twitter by using multiple accounts and I wanted to highlight that here. The Twitter account for my app Color Sounds is centered around music and art technology, music apps, etc. So I planned to send the tweet from there, retweet it from my main account and post a link to that, however I don’t think you can link to a retweet.

In any case, I get the feeling I don’t use Twitter the way most people do. I’m on it a lot but almost always for consumption, hardly ever posting. I like finding interesting articles and things on it. Also I don’t think I follow or have a single follower on Twitter that’s somebody I know in real life. For me that’s what Facebook is for. Facebook is social and Twitter is business.

Weekly Create Chris W

I’ve learned a whole lot about Apple’s native apps. I suggest you check them out. For more on my reaction to Apple’s visit to CDT 450 two weeks ago, check out my weekly iPad Reflection here.

Weekly Create – Shady

Twitter will affect one’s identity as it will be a different means of communication … with … the world! People will read and observe your style, not knowing how you look, how you talk, they will base their opinion, and as a consequence, create a perceived identity for you, your online identity.


Many times I have sent emails to colleagues where, because of the dryness that a written message can carry, specially when poorly written, because one could be in a rush, or not up to the task at the moment, the message did not convey the full meaning, or it was interpreted differently.

A Little Birdy Told Me All About You

Over the couple years that I’ve used Twitter, I have mainly purposed it as a place that could contain quick little witty or funny messages that I would like to share with my friends. I also used it briefly (but successfully) as a marketing tool for when I worked for an online news company. I learned the power of the #hashtag; with it, I could direct my message to particular people around the world that might be searching for what I’m talking about. After leaving the news company, I continued to try to be smart about how I tagged things. Often, the humor is in the hashtag. I began to form part of my online identity toward the idea of having “followers.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I believe that it definitely has changed the way I go about my own personal marketing.



Also, after doing my first video, I wanted to try my hand at iMovie for iOS again. Here’s some footage from a recent trip to NYC to see Swiss Sound Artist Zimoun’s installations.

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