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Jay Loomis – My Pack

Here are common contents of my backpack:


And here’s the pack:

FullSizeRender (2)

My wife got this pack for me when she trained students for a presentation at the UN last year. Since it was a give-away, I thought it would be cheaply made, but it’s not – I love it! It has so many pockets that I still lose things in there! I don’t usually carry my laptop around, but I can. The backpack has a dedicated pocket that makes it easy.

– iPad air and Zagg keyboard in a leather case. I use it to read and take notes, web search, etc.

– Charger can charge my phone or iPad.

– Headphones and stylus.

– Portable iPhone charger.

– Lunch pack. When I leave our apartment I’m not coming back for at least 8 hours, and I’m not crazy about cafeteria food.

– Water bottle. I drink a lot.

– Scratch paper and a couple ballpoint pens. Reuse. Recycle.

– Business cards.

Tin Whistles (Ireland). Papantla Flyer Whistle (Mexico).

– Blues Harp in A.

I could possibly replace the pens and paper with the iPad, but in some situations pen and paper is more convenient.

It’s pretty strange to carry various wind instruments around, that’s probably most surprising.

I really need my iPad, and I play music every day, I gotta have my chocolate too, if my phone loses its charge it’s really inconvenient… but I think water (and eventually food) is the only thing I can’t live without.

What’s in your bag – Shady

Disclaimer: I do not carry a bag, therefore I had to use my wife’s.  Of course, she wasn’t happy about it.


Name: Shady’s wife

Place: Stony Brook, New York

Occupation: Contracts and Clinical trials Administrator in Higher Ed

What can’t you live without? Everything! (her response)

What’s the most surprising thing you carry? A checkbook she thought she did not have, she said.  I asked again if she wasn’t surprised by anything else, she said no.

<NinjaEdit> What could be replaced by the iPad? Receipts, notes, business cards could be imaged and stored in EverNote.  Coupons could be scanned out of the iPad as ecoupons.  Eventually, checks and money will be handled with an iPad</NinjaEdit>

Bag Contents:

  • First aid kit
  • Lip gloss
  • Hand cream
  • Perfume sample
  • Three coupons
  • 6 pens and a non-matching cap
  • 4 business cards
  • 2 check books
  • Book of coupons
  • Some sort of contract
  • 3 keychains (one with no keys)
  • 3 lollypops
  • American coins
  • Romanian coins
  • Dutch coins
  • A pressed Penny souvenir from Seaworld
  • 1 Almond
  • 1 empty glasses cases
  • 1 Prescription (from September 2014)
  • Various notes
  • 11 receipts
  • Napkins
  • Straw wrappers
  • Name labels
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