In Memoriam

On September 6th, 2020, the Klein Developmental Psychopathology Lab lost one of its most cherished members. Emma Mumper was the most senior graduate student in the Klein lab at the time of her passing, and in her 4+ years in the lab, she helped create an atmosphere of camaraderie that will support and connect its members for years to come.

Emma was an exceptional researcher. She was incredibly bright and approached her work with a level of enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and integrity that enhanced every project she was involved with and demonstrated a deep compassion for the individuals who participated in and would be impacted by her research.  Emma was also an adept clinician, profoundly impacting the lives of many clients and their families. In recognition of Emma’s dedication to her research and clinical work, Stony Brook University has honored Emma with a posthumous Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

But Emma was so much more than a gifted therapist and researcher, she was an extraordinary human. She was unfailingly kind, making every individual she encountered feel important and valued, no matter who they were. She was a role model to many, including the undergraduate students she mentored as well as her fellow graduate students, who all looked to her as an example of how to approach school and life more generally with positivity, humility and humor.

Emma’s sincere warmth, immeasurable decency, and empathic spirit drew others towards her.  She built herself a large community here at Stony Brook, and we all loved her a great deal.  Emma was a very dear friend to the members of the Klein lab, and we will miss her tremendously.

In Memoriam, Dr. Emma Mumper.