First Ed Hahne Award Presentation


Below are the comments made at the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band BandQuet on May 3, where we presented the first annual Ed Hahne Memorial Award and Scholarship. Thanks to all who contributed and congratulations to recipient, Dan Wood (read more about Dan below). We still need your support to insure that this scholarship is endowed for future generations of students.


Angelo Truglio, Pamela Pfeil, Dan Wood, Lee Ann Hahne, John Leddy (l-r)

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On June 20 the Ed Hahne Memorial Brunch will take place at Bobbique, 70 Main St. Patchogue from 11am – 2pm (see below). Anyone wishing to donate to this scholarship can do so by clicking this link or copying and pasting this address into your browser:


BandQuet comments:

I am here tonight to present the Ed Hahne Memorial Award with my good friend and former colleague, Angelo Truglio, founding Spirit of Stony Brook band member and former student of Ed Hahne, Pamela Pfeil, and good friend, Lee Ann Hahne, Ed’s widow.

Who is Ed Hahne, and what is this award about? It’s a reasonable question. Allow me to tell you a little about Ed and the creation of this award.

Ed Hahne was a loving husband, a doting father, a loyal friend, an exceptional music educator. Suddenly and tragically last July 11, Ed was taken from our lives. Family and friends of Ed came together wondering how best to preserve his legacy. After much discussion, it was decided that an award, presented in his name, to a band member from his Alma Mater, would be an appropriate remembrance. This award is funded and has a monetary scholarship attached to it. Our hope is that someday we can grow this account to a point where it will become a fully endowed scholarship; in place to provide assistance to generations of marching band students to come.

2 Things About Ed:

  1. Ed was a meticulous craftsman. Among other projects, he and his friend Bob, started a business making handcrafted conducting batons. They were beautiful and perfectly balanced. While here at Stony Brook, I commissioned Ed to make two red batons for me, and I used them to conduct our Pep Band. Upon her appointment as Director, I presented  the red batons to Mrs Stahl, and it makes me happy to know they remain in the Office of Athletic Bands today. Take a peek next time you visit the office. Try ’em out, see how they’re balanced.
  2. Ed was a middle school band director for 33 years, and a substitute teacher for 8 more years. He subbed only in the building he taught in so he could stay close to the students, close to his colleagues and friends (some of whom were former students), close to his community.

This past fall, a 7th grade band student that Ed taught just last year, wrote a letter to Lee Ann Hahne.

In it, he said:

I want to tell you a story of how much I appreciate Mr. Hahne and how he helped me.

He was a substitute for Mr. Malafronte, and last spring I was getting ready for NYSSMA. He worked with me 1 on 1 with my NYSSMA piece. I was so confident, I scored a 27 out of 28 possible points. If it wasn’t for Mr. Hahne, I don’t think I would be as good a trumpet player as I am today.

He was extremely influential in my music career and I appreciate all the hard work he devoted to his career. He is with us in all of our hearts.

I want to remind you that this was written by a 7th grade student talking about the positive impact a substitute teacher had on his life. So if you ever feel that what you do is unimportant or trivial, I hope you’ll remember our friend Ed. He demonstrated for us all that you touch lives, and you make a difference.

Award Presentation:


Dan Wood, a trombone player, was selected for his great sense of humor, superior musicianship, and caring and concern for his fellow band members… if you knew Ed Hahne, should sound very familiar.

  • He has been a great friend to many in the band
  • He is a terrifically talented musician, and absolutely loves marching band.  
  • Always enthusiastic in everything band related. He is a friend to almost  every member and he’s always there to help out others. His childlike joy is contagious and he brings a gleeful attitude to those around him.

 Our first annual Ed Hahne Memorial Award goes to DAN WOOD

Ed Hahne Award: Spring 2015 Update

Ed.1We have wonderful news!

We are pleased to report that the Ed Hahne Memorial Award has been created and the first annual presentation will take place on Sunday, May 3, 2015.The recipient will be a deserving member of The Spirit of Stony Brook University Marching Band. The presentation will take place at the band’s annual BandQuet.

Eleven outstanding students have been nominated to receive this prestigious award which will come with a monetary stipend to be applied to further educational pursuits. Nominees met the following criteria:

“This award will be presented to the band member who best captures the spirit of Ed Hahne, a music educator for 41 years. The recipient should be one whose enthusiasm and humor are contagious, whose friendship transcends class time, and who encourages and inspires dedication to superior performance.”

There remains a long term goal to make this award permanent as an endowed scholarship. This would enable us to support a student in Ed’s name in perpetuity. What a great way to honor our friend! If you would like to join us in this endeavor, please visit this site to make a tax deductible donation.

The family and friends of Ed would like to thank all of the many people who have chosen to support this endeavor; insuring that Ed’s memory will be celebrated by future generations of band members from his Alma Mater. We especially want to thank Shayna Stahl, Director of Athletic Bands and Jeff Barnett, Assistant Dean of Students at Stony Brook University for their guidance, encouragement and influence in making this scholarship possible. We couldn’t do it without you!

Ed Hahne Award

EdIn 2015, an award will be presented to a deserving Stony Brook University student to honor Ed Hahne’s memory. Many thanks to all those who are able to contribute to this cause. It’s comforting to know that Ed will be remembered and that his life and legacy will continue to influence young people.



The Ed Hahne Marching Band Memorial Award

  • Since Ed was an alumnus of Stony Brook University, an award has been created to support the academic pursuits of a deserving student at the university.
  • This is a working title, but it conveys the intent to recognize a full time student member of the Athletic Bands Program who displays qualities of leadership and community building as exemplified by Ed.
  • Tax deductible donations are being accepted by the university and can be made by following this link. Be sure to follow directions (below) in order to direct your funds to Ed’s award.