J. Caity Swanson

Q & A with Scott Zukowski: A Hero’s Journey into Academia

Taking a nap or building a life-long love of books?

This summer I had the real pleasure of working as a Research Assistant on Dr. Newman’s project, The High School Canon: A Readers’ History (seriously, if you want to peek into a well-organized, multi-faceted project speaking to multiple audiences, work with Dr. Newman). As we were focusing on how high school students, alumni, and teachers remember, […]

To Grade or Not to Grade: The Struggle to Assess

Brainstorming a Participation Rubric

Grades. Grading. Final Grade. Any variable of the word “grade” is likely to fill me with a confusing combination of panic, unease, and boredom. As a student, grades were fine. I did well enough in academic settings that I could choose to ignore my grades. My undergrad years were spent at a small liberal arts […]

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