Julia Clarke

Julia Clarke is a Ph.D. candidate who earned her B.A. at the University of Florida in English and French. Her area of focus is nineteenth-century British literature, and her dissertation is on material culture in the Victorian novel. Her wider research interests include mass culture, thing theory, narrative theory, and film. At Stony Brook, she has enjoyed teaching fiction, film, Victorian literature, and poetry.

Victorians Then and Now: Why Victorian Literature Matters to 21st Century Students

Original Strand artwork depicting Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson traveling by train.

When I introduce any Victorian literature to students, I initially ask them to brainstorm words they associate with Victorian, and I write their responses on the blackboard. Overwhelmingly, they see the period and its figures as resoundingly restrained. Though many American college students define the Victorians by their apparently repressed sexuality, troubling gender relations, and […]

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