Q & A with Scott Zukowski: A Hero’s Journey into Academia

Taking a nap or building a life-long love of books?

This summer I had the real pleasure of working as a Research Assistant on Dr. Newman’s project, The High School Canon: A Readers’ History (seriously, if you want to peek into a well-organized, multi-faceted project speaking to multiple audiences, work with Dr. Newman). As we were focusing on how high school students, alumni, and teachers remember, […]

Toward Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Practice and Community

“Education is a Treasure,” A drawing from Negro American Heritage (1968), a textbook edited by Arna Bontemps. On Archive.Org.

The English Department and Graduate English Society support Black Lives Matter and the ongoing protests against systematic and institutional racism, sparked by the murders of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and others. As teachers and scholars, we welcome the urgent, amplified attention to issues of equity and social justice. And […]

Heidi Hutner on Earth Day, Ecofeminism and Racial Injustice in the Year of the Plague, COVID-19 – Ms. Magazine

In case you missed it, Stony Brook English and Sustainability Professor Heidi Hutner published this essay last month in Ms. Magazine. Source: Earth Day, Ecofeminism and Racial Injustice in the Year of the Plague, COVID-19 – Ms. Magazine Earth Day, Ecofeminism and Racial Injustice in the Year of the Plague, COVID-19 4/22/2020 by Heidi Hutner […]

I’m Taking the CELT Online Teaching Certificate Course, So You Don’t Have To (?): Part I

I'm Taking the CELT Online Teaching Certificate Course, So You Don't Have To (?): Part I

With Monday’s announcement from the Chancellor of the California-State University system, it seems increasingly likely that SUNY will similarly be delivering instruction almost entirely online in Fall 2020. As we collectively prepare our courses for this contingency, if only the English Department had its own virtual forum for discussing and sharing ideas and resources for […]

Tips For the English Major to Bolster Your Resume

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by Rachel Parker It’s that time of year! Whether you’re a senior, like myself, hoping to pursue full-time work after graduation, or an underclassman hoping to score a summer job or internship, it’s application season. The English major prepares you for a wide variety of work opportunities and possible career paths, but it’s helpful to […]

The Power-and Hope-of Narratives

by Sarah Davis “Anthropocene is the proposed name for a geologic epoch in which humans have become the major force determining the continuing livability of the earth. The word tells a big story: living arrangements that took millions of years to put into place are being undone in the blink of an eye. The hubris […]

#Trumpbookreview and Writing about Literature

#Trumpbookreview and Writing about Literature

by Jessica Hautsch If you were to gather together a group of writing instructors and ask them to list authors whose prose they might use as model texts in the classroom, it is very possible that the last person they would suggest would be Donald J. Trump. In fact, it is probably more likely that […]

A Modest Proposal: Make Room for Amazon; Tear down NYPL, Brick by Brick, Book by Book

Amazon's logo is literally smiling. And you want me to think that having them around would be detrimental? I think not.

by Bernard Krumm Less than two months ago, New York City suffered a major economic setback when Amazon announced that it was pulling out of a plan to set up a second headquarters in Queens, taking 25,000 jobs and an estimated $27 billion in tax revenue with them. While anti-corporate and other local activists celebrated with […]

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