Forgive the rapid fire posts…

I took my independent blog offline… more or less, actually, GoDaddy took it offline… I had… technically… made the mistake of selecting a Windows environment for my hosted content. GoDaddy eventually turned over the Windows based hosting to Plesk. But even so, that was only for a year at the current rate I pay. After that, who knows.

So I set the Plesk stuff up… I wasn’t happy with it… I let the blog and site lapse as they turned it off. I saved the content, hoping to deploy it someplace else… I will eventually do that… but I kind of got distracted with other projects.

Of course, I skulk around the community looking for pointers, tips and occasionally… parts for my electronics hobby.

Periodically they have these things called “Test Drives”. Basically you submit an application about what you plan on doing with the thing/stuff they are test driving and if you are chosen, then you get one of the things/stuff’s to test drive and do a write up. I was fortunate to have been selected for a Raspberry Pi 2 test drive; which was quite awesome. I wasn’t completely happy with the test drive though because I ran into some minor problems along the way with software, BUT, thankfully I learned a thing or two in the process. For example, I wanted to run performance tests on it. While I did that, I ran into a dead end at the Linpack series.

However, this lead me to another test suite, that I use regularly now for testing these little small board computers.

Today, I discovered they have another road test. This time with what looks like an introductory course in Microcontrollers and C. Of course, one of the things you have to do in the application is list some of your projects… with my personal blog offline… that kind of messes me up a bit with links to project content… so I am posting them here in rapid fire progression so I have a place to link to them for the application.

While I think I am probably a good candidate for the “microcontroller” part of the course material, the “C” part, not so much. While I certainly could use a refresher, my experience with… a number of more recent languages (C#, Java, JavaScript), which are descended from C/C++… and the fact I already know C and C++, kind of makes that part mostly just review material for me.

Although, I believe C with Microcontrollers, is not exactly like C as an application language… there might be some surprises there for me. At one point I tried using some “C” trickery on an Arduino and… well… it didn’t go so well… for some reason Arduino’s aren’t so good at handling dynamic array’s using “calloc” or the more C++ like “new” statement.

Anyhow, should be interesting if my application is accepted. Otherwise, back to the O’Reilly books for me.

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