Holiday Cheer

I worked on this project last year. Electronics by me, wreath’s by my wife. We made two of them. We also make a pretty good team. Most of the parts by Adafruit… ahaha…


eWreath with the LED’s off

Of course, it looks better with the lights on…

eWreath with the lights on

eWreath with the lights on

Basically, its a typical wire wreath (from Joann’s) with some extra wide gift ribbon hot-glued and wired up to the wreath wire. Inside is a strip of Adafruit Neopixels also wired up to the frame.

The Neopixels are driven by an Adafruit Trinket mounted in a project case. The colors can be programmed in code and they cycle. I was heading towards a more ambitious configuration where I’d use something that had WiFi or Bluetooth, so I could control it from a cell phone or tablet. I am saving that for Version 2. I’d upload a video, but the best one I have is larger then the max limit for uploading videos here. 🙁

The colors can be changed to suit the holiday since the Neopixel strip is RGB and you can program most colors. Next year we might put it out during Halloween with a nice Orange glow.

And that is one of the more interesting things. The Neopixels are quite bright. Seen the picture above, the brightness and color was turned down a bit because in full red it washed out the picture. I was hoping the ribbon would diffuse the LED’s… and it did somewhat, but the Neopixels are REALLY bright.



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