One man’s fight against food waste

As the population continues to grow, so too does the gap between rich and poor.  One way to limit that gap is to restrict food waste as much as possible.  Although we have plenty of food to feed the world’s population, it is the current allocation and use of these resources that encourages world hunger.  As is the case in many countries throughout the world, much of our food in the U.S. is imported from poorer countries where resources are cheap and abundant.  However, our withdrawal from these foreign food banks limits these supplying countries in their ability to provide for themselves.  In addition, the majority of our food goes to waste in the U.S., which perpetuates social divisions and economic differences.

In an effort to shed light on this problem and encourage people to waste less, Baptiste Dubanchet is fueling a 3,000 mile bike ride from Tours, France to Warsaw, Poland with nothing but salvaged food from the waste bin and support from strangers.  Baptiste’s lesson is well timed, much needed and hopefully it will inspire change for many.

Watch Baptiste’s trip here!

Read the full article here!

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