The test for this topic is a performance assessment.  You will use the knowledge you’ve learned throughout the topic to form your own visuals for your speech.  This is one step towards the final speech you will give at the end of this class.

This performance assessment has multiple parts which will be evaluated separately.  This will enable me to evaluate whether you can perform the real activity. It will also help you evaluate your own understanding of the content.

Follow the instructions below to complete the performance assessment.

  1.  In a few sentences, analyze which software is appropriate to use for your speech.  Describe the advantages of using the software and why you think it is the best choice for you. Post this explanation on the last slide of your visuals.
  2.  Look through your outline and place a star (*) designating when you would want to add a visual (be it a graph, an image, chart, etc.).  This will help you create your notecards in the next step of our unit.
  3. Create a minimum of FOUR slides to use with your speech.  Make sure that the visuals enhance, not detract, from your verbal content.  Make conscious choices in regards to content, background color, font, and readability.
  4.  Fill out a self-evaluation for your visuals and a rationale explaining your self-evaluation.    LINK to Self-Evaluation
  5. Upload your visuals (either share the link or the document below in the comments section) and e-mail your self-evaluation to me.
  6. Look through three of your classmates visuals and offer suggestions, give genuine compliments, and think about what you could adopt from their visuals in your own.  If there is something effective that is missing from your visuals, please adjust your visuals accordingly.

If you have any questions while completing the performance assessment, please contact me for assistance!