Group Job Openings

Research Group Exascale Programming Models Lab
Job Titles Student Research Positions
Job Area Parallel Programming Models, Parallel Systems, Computational Software


We are engaged in the design and development of parallel programming models that will make it possible for Computational Science and Big Data applications to execute on the fastest machines on the planet. We are looking for enthusiastic Computer Science and Applied Mathematics graduate students to join our research team and help create productive programming environments that will be deployed on future large computing systems.

The successful candidates will perform research within one or more funded research projects related to the development and use of novel parallel programming models in the Institute for Advanced Computational Science as members of Prof. Barbara Chapman’s research group.

Project: Center for Research and Education in Big Military Data InTelligence (CREDIT)

2 RA positions beginning Summer or Fall 2018

Research into strategies for enabling the development and deployment of scalable machine learning applications, with a focus on deep learning. Our work will consider how to extend current frameworks and  programming models for deep learning, and explore new ideas for system software that will enable them to handle extremely large data sets, and train data at high speed.

Project: A Task-Based Global Programming Model for Exascale and Beyond

2 RA positions, beginning Fall 2018

Explore new ideas for programming language support that will enable the creation of applications to run efficiently on the largest supercomputers on the planet. Our work will experiment with novel language features and a variety of current ideas for providing extremely efficient runtime environments.

Project: Cross-layer Application-Aware Resilience at Extreme Scale (CAARES)

1 RA position, beginning Summer of Fall 2018

Explore how to implement resilience and fault-tolerance at scale in a particular parallel programming model that emphasizes loose-coupling between processes, and how to use a compiler to help intelligently direct use of fault-tolerance.

Qualifications For All Projects

  • Current graduate student in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics, M.Sc. or Ph.D. level.


  • Perform research to help in the design and development of new language features, compiler and runtime optimizations, benchmarks and applications
  • Development of publications, presentations, tutorials and other outreach

Preferred Skills

  • One or more of: C, C++, Fortran, Big Data programming paradigms
  • Understanding of parallel programming basics
  • Understanding of compilers
  • Understanding of big data analytics basics
  • Fluency in Linux environments
  • Good writing skills