Group Job Openings

Location The Institute for Advanced Computational Science
Research Group Exascale Programming Models Lab, Dr. Barbara Chapman
Job Title Research Assistant
Job Area Parallel Programming Models, Parallel Systems, Computational Software

Job Overview

We are engaged in the design and development of parallel programming models that will make it possible for Computational Science and Big Data applications to execute on the fastest machines on the planet. We are looking for enthusiastic Computer Science and Applied Mathematics graduate students to join our research team and help create productive programming environments that will be deployed on future large computing systems.

The successful candidates will perform research within one or more funded research projects related to the development and use of novel parallel programming models in the Institute for Advanced Computational Science as members of Prof. Barbara Chapman’s research group.

The OpenSHMEM project is developing a standard for programming distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) systems using a parallel library that can take advantage of network architectures such as Infiniband (see

The NSF-supported Compute on Data Path project explores technologies that will enable applications to make highly efficient use of new and emerging memory systems.

The Performance Portability Strategies for HPC Applications project is a collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory in which we are learning how to use OpenMP directives to obtain high performance across a number of high-end systems. We will experiment with real-world applications such as Lattice QCD and Strongly-Correlated Materials.

We are beginning to explore how a variety of projects at Stony Brook can benefit from the use of GPU-based accelerator devices to speed up their computational research. Their high performance has the potential to benefit many on-going activities, ranging from climate modeling, via alternative energy research to biomedical applications, and more.

Duration of the Positions

  • Fall 2016, with the potential for extension.


  • Current graduate student in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics, M.Sc. or Ph.D. level.


  • Perform experiments to help in the design and development of new language features, compiler and runtime optimizations, benchmarks and applications
  • Contribute to software development within one of the group’s projects
  • Assist with publications, presentations, tutorials etc.
  • Other job-related duties as assigned within research group

Preferred Skills

  • Programming: C, C++, Java, Fortran
  • Understanding of parallel programming basics
  • Understanding of big data analytics basics
  • Fluency in Linux environments
  • Good writing skills