Ian Stupakoff

Lab Manager

Currently at Integral Consulting Inc.


Publications from work done at Stony Brook:

Hutchins, D.A., I. Stupakoff, and N.S. Fisher.  1996.  Temperature effects on accumulation and retention of radionuclides in the sea star, Asterias forbesi: implications for contaminated northern waters.  Marine Biology 125: 701-706.

Hutchins, D.A., I. Stupakoff, S. Hook, S.N. Luoma, and N.S. Fisher.  1998.  Effects of Arctic temperatures on distribution and retention of the nuclear waste radionuclides 241Am, 57Co, and137Cs in the bioindicator bivalve Macoma balthica.  Marine Environmental Research 45: 17-28.

Wang, W.-X., I. Stupakoff, C. Gagnon, and N.S. Fisher.  1998.  Bioavailability of inorganic and methylmercury to a marine deposit-feeding polychaete.  Environmental Science and Technology 32: 2564-2571.

Wang, W.-X., I. Stupakoff, and N.S. Fisher.  1999.   Bioavailability of dissolved and sediment-bound metals to a marine deposit-feeding polychaete.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 178: 281-293.

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Heldal, H.E., I. Stupakoff, and N.S. Fisher.  2001.  Bioaccumulation of 137Cs and 57Co by five marine phytoplankton species.  Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 57: 231-236.