Welcome Our New Instructors!

Dominique Popescu


Major: Integrative Neuroscience, Ph.D program 

Year: Freshman 

Classes Taught: AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, and currently teaching Cardio Sculpt and Pilates.


“My fitness journey has been so much fun. I want to help others along their journey to realize fitness isn’t unattainable and working out can be fun “-Dominique


When asked what her favorite part about being an instructor was, Dominique said: “I love when participants realize they’re improving and the spark of confidence that’s ignited when they realize yes, they can do it and yes, they are strong .“

Random Fun Fact: Dominque once held a wall sit for 24 minutes… to prove she could.


Rebecca Monastero 


Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore

Classes taught: AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, currently teaching 20/20/20, Ab Attack, Cardio Sculpt and On the Ball. 


I wanted to share my love of fitness with others.”-Rebecca

When asked what her favorite part about being an instructor was, Rebecca said: “I love inspiring others to challenge themselves, become stronger and fitter, and feel great as a result!”

Random Fun Fact: Rebecca is a gluten-free vegan and enjoy nutrition and cooking!


Krista Pullen



Major:Biology/Applied Math

Year: Sophomore

Classes Taught:Pink Gloves Boxing 

“I’m interested in having a fitness related job as a career so I thought being a fitness instructor would be a good start.  I took PGB last semester and really got into it. I’m excited to share one of my favorite classes with other female students and faculty!”- Krista

When asked what her favorite part about being an instructor was, Krista said: “The smiles you see on the participants’ faces when they master something that had been a challenge for them before.”

Random Fun Fact:Two of Krista’s greatest passions are cooking and running. Krista feels they couple each other well because she needs some way to burn off all the calories. Chances are you’ll see her running around Circle Road or on one of the Rec Center treadmills at some point in the semester. 





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