Would you put off starting a family for a couple more years if your employer was willing to pay for your eggs to be frozen?  Now, women employees of Facebook and Apple can do just that.

Currently, the egg-freezing procedure is valued at $10,000 + $500/year for frozen egg storage.

From Forbes.com:

The earlier a woman undergoes egg freezing treatments, the greater chance she has at harvesting fertile eggs, which is why women under the age of 30 tend to have greater success in becoming pregnant. As more women choose to pursue careers over families in their late twenties and early thirties, however, they face the obstacle of their diminishing  potential to become pregnant later in life. In highly-competitive and thriving Silicon Valley in particular, young women are steadily becoming a larger part of the workforce and are choosing to dedicate their young adulthood to getting ahead in their careers. One cited reason for America’s gender pay gap is that women fall behind men in their careers when they take time off to raise children. This often happens during a point in their lives when their earning potential is about to climb much higher, which puts women at a disadvantage when they re-enter the workforce. Facebook and Apple, then, are providing an opportunity for women have more choices for family planning and therefore rise up more easily within company ranks.

I wonder if this kind of trend will continue and if it will be taken advantage of by the women who work at these employers?

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