It is obvious that in order to change the landscape of gender inequality, we need male advocates and males to become more involved in both women’s rights and women’s leadership.  We are all guilty of having judgmental thought patterns at some point in our lives, but the key difference is challenging those thought patterns and doing your best to overcome them.

Kat Hagan, creator of her blog,, wrote an articulate and informative article on her perspective of the ways in which men in tech are unintentionally sexist.  She offers 13 different and valid examples.

Here’s a preview:


Emery boards as conference swag? Really? Protip: Women use battery packs and stickers too.

Conversely, many apps just outright ignore features that disproportionately affect female users (like the conspicuous absence of period tracking functionality in the Apple’s new Health app). The whole issue of swag t-shirts is a big one in this category.

See her entire blog post at

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