Dr. Christopher J. Gobler ~ Principal Investigator
Dr. Stuart Waugh ~ Research Scientist
Dr. Deepak Nanjappa ~ Post-doctoral scholar
Michael Doall, M.S. ~ Bivalve Restoration Specialist
Jen Goleski, M.S. ~ Lab Manager
Ryan Wallace ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Ben Kramer ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Megan Ladds ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Stephen Tomasetti ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Peter Sylers ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Rebecca Rodgers ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Ronojoy Hem ~ Ph.D. Candidate
Timothy Curtin ~ M.S. student
Darren DeSilva ~ M.S. student
Christopher Wozny ~ M.S. student
Walter Dawydiak ~ M.S. student
Jacob Flazenbaum ~ M.S. student
Jennifer Jankowiak, M.S. ~ Senior Research Technician
Craig Young, M.S. ~ Senior Research Technician
Marissa Vasquez, M.S. ~ Senior Research Technician
Brooke Morrell, M.S. ~ Senior Research Technician
Mark Lusty, M.S. ~ Senior Research Technician
Andrew Lundstrom ~ Research Technician
Craig Schenone ~ Research Technician


Former PhD students and Post-doctoral Scholars
Dr. Timothy Davis, Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University
Dr. Matt Harke, Research Scientist, Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute
Dr. Theresa Hattenrath-Lehmann, Research Scientist, New York State Department of Health
Dr. Ying-Zhong Tang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology
Dr. Xiaodong Jiang, Associate Professor, East China Normal University
Dr. Yoonja Kang, Assistant Professor, Chonnam National University
Dr. Chuck Wall, Assistant Professor, North Shore Community College, Massachusetts
Dr. M. Alejandra Marcoval, Research Professor, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina
Dr. Andrew Griffith, Post-doctoral Scholar, University of Southern California
Dr. Florian Koch, Postdoctoral Scholar, Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremen, Germany
Dr. Stephanie Talmage Forsberg, Science and Research Instructor, Hampton Bays High School
Dr. Dianna Berry, Science and Research Instructor, Westhampton Beach High School


Former MS students
Sarah Deonarine, research scientist, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Patrick Curran, research scientist, Battelle
Colleen Norman, high school science teacher
Michelle Weiss, Cornell University, Cooperative Extension, Marine Program
Jennifer Goleski, Lab manager, Stony Brook University
Amanda Burson, PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam
Elizabeth Depasquale, research scientist, Scripps Insitute of Oceanography
Isabelle Stinntte, research scientist, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Jennifer George, environmental consultant, Santa Barbara, CA
Lucas Merlo, Cornell University, Cooperative Extension, Marine Program
Jake Thickman, NOAA’s Office of Coastal Management
Alexandra Stevens, Cornell University, Cooperative Extension, Marine Program
Jennifer Kim, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory