Monthly Archives: September 2018

New books published this semester


Prof. Aurélie Vialette, our new Director of Graduate Studies, has just released her first monographic book: Intellectual Philanthropists: the Seduction of the Masses (Purdue University Press, 2018), , dedicated to the study of the culture of popular workers and the rise of revolutionary movements in 19th-century Iberia (Catalonia, Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia in Spain). Prof. Vialette received her PhD from the University of California Berkeley in 2011 and joined our Department in 2014. Congratulations!




Prof. Victoriano Roncero-López , specialist in Golden Age Literature, has just published his annotated edition of a rare short play by Félix Lope de Vega, La privanza del hombre (Kassel, Reichenberger, 2018). It also includes the edition of Lope’s auto El nombre de Jesús , by our graduate student Ignacio D. Arellano-Torres .