Summer 19 Graduate Seminars: Spanish in the US & Caribbean Lit

This summer 2019 our Department will be offering two exciting graduate seminars (500 level) for our MA students and any interested graduate student in Spanish, Teaching Programs and related fields.


SPN 505 Hispanic Dialectology and Sociolinguistics.  Spanish in the United States  
Dr. Elena Davidiak. Mon & Weds 5:30-8:30 pm in our Main Campus. May 20 to July 6th.

During this course we will discuss the processes specific of the Spanish language in the United States, including the existing varieties and the way they evolve and intermingle, the peculiarities of language registers and their areas of usage and the relationship between Spanish and English and Spanish and other minority languages and between the dialects of Spanish, as well as the varieties of societal and personal bilingualism, the official and informal status of Spanish and the needs of its speakers. (3 credits)

SPN 585: Caribbean Literature Seminar 
Dr. Zaida Corniel. Hours: Flexible (Online).  July 6th to August 17th.

The Caribbean has been represented as a military frontier, a port for the global market or an imaginary space for reinvention. Moreover its borders have been blurred due to the recent development of the cruise tourism, and the mass migration of its inhabitants, internally in the region and to the United States and Europe. This course aims to analyze texts, visual art and films that shift national and gender identities through a transnational dialog between Caribbean authors and artists in the United States, and the islands of Cuba, The Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. Readings and board discussions will address topics such as bilingualism, citizenship, gender, identity, and race, among others. Seminar will be taught in Spanish. (3 credits)

Courses are taught in Spanish. The seminars are also open to advanced Spanish undergraduates  (with special permission).  For more information, please email our Director of Graduate Studies.

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