Monthly Archives: February 2020

José (Benny) Chueca and the Baroque Gaze

This Feb 24 2020  José (Benny) Chueca  defended his outstanding dissertation titled  El mirar barroco. Las supervivencias del barroco y el trastorno de la modernidad en el Perú contemporáneo (The Baroque Gaze: The Survival of the Baroque and the Derangement of Modernity in Contemporary Peru). Congratulations to Benny for completing his doctorate in Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University.

 Our special thanks to Prof. Margarita Saona (UI Chicago) for serving as external reader and member of the doctoral committee. Prof. Adrián Pérez-Melgosa was the advisor and Prof. Paul Firbas and Prof. Lena Burgos-Lafuente were readers in the committee.