The Struggle Is Real For Facebook

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Facebook hit puberty at 10 years, but the struggle to keep young audiences interested is very real.

What I see as a trend younger people is the constant move from one popular technology to the next. When the next best thing comes along, the things we used to spend hours doing don’t seem so important. 

I made my Facebook in 2007 and remember how much grief I got from my friends for making it 2 years late. However before Facebook, Myspace was the next best thing. Once Facebook blew up with users, Myspace accounts were easily forgotten because it wasn’t “cool”anymore. 

It was more of a guilty pleasure that most of  us weren’t willing to admit how many hours we logged on, checking the constant stream of pictures, video’s and status update.

These days the hours I spent on Facebook have been replaced by Instagram. In fact, the only posts I make to my Facebook is linked through Twitter and Instagram. I rarely log into Facebook, but when I do, I see constant posts from my MUCH older friends.

Although Facebook hit a huge milestone, the audience base for the site seems to be attracting much older users. This is something the company seriously needs to consider when trying to maintain a younger audience, and attract new users.


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