Digital Media: Who Comes Out Ahead?

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By Nicole Sims 

The younger generation is the driving force behind the digital age.

Digital technology, like computer and cellphones, have basically been embedded in the culture of people aged 18-29. Most kids today grow up learning how to operate these technologies.

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center,  71 percent of young adults say the internet is their main source of news. Right behind them are people aged 30-49, and 63 percent admit to the same thing.

Although television news remains the number on source for news, it has been on a slow decline over the past decade. This means that the future of the news business is dependent on keeping the attention a younger audience.This includes adapting to their changing opinions.

In 2009, Time Magazine published an article titled “The 10 most Endangered Newspapers in America.” This list predicted 10 publications around the country that would either fold, or no longer be in print form if they chose not to go digital on the internet.

News companies must recognize that less people are willing to pay for news when it can be accessed for free online. The publications that are smart will learn to use the internet as a tool, not a roadblock.

In a letter address to readers, publisher Terry Egger and editor Adams Simmons  of the Cleveland Pain Dealer recognized “the way people can and want to receive news and information is changing rapidly.”  They have addressed this issue by hiring a “digitally-focused company,” called the the Northeast Ohio Media Group to become more digitally friendly.

Even though the internet was at one point not perceived as a threat to the news business, its impact has been devastating. The print industry of news can no longer blame ignorance as an excuse for not adapting. For those that do, going bankrupt or closing altogether are their only options.

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