Working in the “Comarca,” Panama

Follow our progress:

Comarca map

Comarca map

The “Comarca” or traditional region (roughly translated to reservation) in Panama is where the largest population of Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous groups reside.




Hope for a Healthier Humanity (HHH) will be working with the Ngäbe (pronounced Naw-bey) groups in various capacities, including:

  1. Educating expecting Ngäbe women on prenatal and postpartum care.
  2. Self-empowerment and self-esteem education for the women.
  3. Providing support to the practical nurses currently working with these communities.
  4. Balanced nutrition.

For anyone interested in volunteering, we would greatly appreciate the knowledge and expertise in prenatal and postpartum care, lactation, mental health and nutrition.  Feel free to contact me and fill out a volunteer application at

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