Research Team

Lab Director, Principal Investigator

Bonita London, PhD 
Associate Professor of Psychology 
Director, Psychology MA Program
PhD (2006)  Columbia University

Dr. London’s research aims to identify and explore the psychosocial and institutional mechanisms associated with social identity threat, and the consequences of threat for academic achievement and psychosocial well-being of historically marginalized groups (on the basis of gender, race, ideology and sexual orientation). Utilizing longitudinal, social-cognitive experimental, and survey methodology, Dr. London’s research lab takes a multi-method approach to studying social identity processes. Dr. London has developed and tested psychosocial models of threat and engagement among women and ethnic minority group members in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), business, leadership and law fields. 

Dr. London works with institutional stake-holders, faculty and staff to promote institutional inclusive excellence.

Jamie MacDonald, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


Miriam Sarwana
5th year PhD Student, Social/Health

Miriam’s work aims to understand how individuals of different race and gender identity intersections cope with and are resilient to social identity threat, in the context of STEM (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Tech) fields and intergroup/ interpersonal interactions.


Elizabeth Inman
2nd year PhD Student, Social/Health

Liz’s research interests include intimate partner violence, specifically its psychosocial determinants and health-related outcomes, as well as concealable stigmatized identities (e.g. sexual violence survivorship) and their relationship to well-being.


Daniel Kim
PhD Student, Technology and Society





Chelsie Burchett
1st year PhD Student, Social/Health

Chelsie’s research interests include intersectionality as it pertains to race and gender in higher education. Specifically, how stigma, stereotypes and discrimination impact the rate at which women of color obtain degrees and positions in higher education.


Rosa Bermejo
1st year PhD Student, Social/Health

Rosa is interested in how experiences of discrimination affect the academic performance and health outcomes of Black and Latino communities.




Psychology Honors Student

Ramya Kumar
Stony Brook Undergraduate
Psychology Honors Program

Ramya is currently a junior studying psychology and biology at Stony Brook University. She is interested in researching how the implicit theories of intelligence impact one’s ability to academically and socially persevere in STEMs (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.



Lab Graduate Student Alum

Boyoung Park, MA

Michelle Severo, MA

Roxanne Moadel-Attie, PhD (U.S. Census Bureau)

Nina Maung-Gaona, PhD (Assoc. Vice President for Research, Stony Brook University)

Christina Dyar, PhD (Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University)

Jiyun (Liz) Shin, PhD (Associate Director, IRB – Binghamton University)

Lisa Rosenthal,  PhD (Assistant Professor, Pace University)

Sheana Ahlqvist, PhD (Host, Innovation for All Podcast)

Angel Gonzalez, PhD (Program Manager, Center for Inclusive Education , Stony Brook)

Kiana Glanton, MA (Former Lab Manager, SBU Alum)